Determine the ethical implications of businesses p...

Determine the ethical implications of businesses polluting in a third world country. Explain your rationale.
Suggest the reasons a business may conduct operations in a third world country and disregard any standards of pollution control.
It has been said that pollution is the price of progress. Assess the connections between economic progress and development, on the one hand, and pollution controls and environmental protection, on the other.
Support the argument that human beings have a moral right to a livable environment regardless of the country they live in.
Take a position on whether wealthy nations have an obligation to provide poorer nations with, or help them develop, greener industries and sources of energy. Explain your rationale.
Propose a plan for uniform global pollution control standards and how you would enforce them.
Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

Go to and enter search topics to locate information relevant to these topics.  Suggestions for search topics to locate relevant information:

ethical implication of business pollution in third world countries
business pollution in third world countries
business progress and pollution in third world countries
cost of business pollution
moral right to a liveable environment (you can substitute clean or sustainable for the word liveable to view other information)
moral obligation of rich nations to help poor nations with pollution control

Note: think ethics; develop your responses based on the ethical nature of these questions and support your final position based on the proper application of the ethical theories/principles we have been studying.

The format of the report is to be as follows:

o Typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides, APA format.

o Type the question followed by your answer to the question.

o In addition to the three to five (6-8) pages required, a title page and Reference page are to be included. The title page is to contain the title of the assignment, your name, the instructor’s name, the course title, and the date.

NOTE: You will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the report, your language skills, and your writing skills.

Use the APA Template for Assignment # 2:

Read the case carefully and highlight all of the key points before starting to write your paper. Use the Ethical Theory Outline I provided earlier in an announcement to help you to apply the appropriate ethical theories to your analysis and in the justification of your findings:

The attached template is already formatted for APA and it includes a Title page, the main body of the paper  with Level 1 headers corresponding to each of the required questions above, and a Reference page, including our text.

To use the template, open the document and save it to your computer in either format, MS Word or in Rich Text Format (RTF), using the following name: Assign 1 James Doe (obviously, use your own name)

The appropriate title is already included in the TEMPLATE. Your title is written in normal font, size 12 – not in bold. Next, insert your name in the location designated on the Title Page, and add the current date after the Date title and colon.

In APA, the entire document is written in size 12 font and double-spaced. The template is already formatted for this but be careful to avoid using any type of automatic formatting as this may change your tabs, margins, or spacing between lines. The spacing between lines is the same as that between paragraphs – all double-spaced; all margins are already set at 1”.

On the first page of the body of your paper, the same title as you used on the Title page, has been centered horizontally on line 1. This is already formatted in APA.

An introductory paragraph has already been prepared in the Template, immediately below the title on page one of the body of your paper. This should briefly describe what the reader should expect as they proceed through your paper.  The entire paper is already double-spaced; this is set in the “Paragraph” settings from your toolbar. This means double-check to ensure extra space has not been added between lines or section. If it has, delete the extra, blank space.

Headings related to each question have already been included and formatted in APA. Notice that the headings used here are Level 1 headings – DO NOT REMOVE THESE from the TEMPLATE. These are written in bold font, and centered on the line, to identify them as headings. These do not need to be altered and these reflect the major topics/questions you will be answering. Think of these as chapter headings in a book.

To enter your solution for each question, simply click on the line immediately below the heading. The body of your paper is written in normal font. The first word of each new paragraph is indented 0.5” from the left (normal tab setting) and the entire document is double-spaced (this setting is in the “Paragraph” section of the toolbar).

The each question carefully and develop the ideas you want to present before typing your final solution. Remember to analyze each question in light of the principles of ethics we have been studying thus far.

Do not use your return key at the end of a section or it will add additional spacing between the end of a paragraph and the next heading.

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